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    A virtual case of poker chips. Just bring the cards.

  • Static Preview

    Preview any Github repository as a static website, all rendered clientside.

  • Falling Fruit

    A progressive web application built for foraging non-profit 'Falling Fruit' with a shared codebase for web and mobile applications.

  • Startup Directory

    A startup directory built by Founders for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • SMM 2 Level Generator

    Super Mario Maker 2 level idea generator with 35,000+ users. Generates game ideas with three compatible enemies, a time, a theme and a twist.

  • Terrain Generation

    Procedural terrain generator written with C (compiled into WebAssembly) using Perlin2D noise and visualized with HTML5/JavaScript. Prototyped in Python.

  • Git Get

    A simple GitHub profile analyzer built to gain insight for users and organizations. Built with a React.JS frontend and a Go API to facilitate caching.

  • Messenger Data Analysis

    Quantitative metrics and textual analysis for Facebook Messenger data dumps. Using natural language processing to develop understanding about conversations.

  • StartupMatch

    Developed a Single-Page Application integrating a REST API for a job board servicing startups and students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Confer

    Event and conference management made easy with a Kotlin-based, open-source SaaS.

  • Poke

    Progressive web app built with React and Python cloud functions to increase member engagement at university organizations. Designed and developed at HackIllinois 2020.

  • prvw

    Command-line interface to fetch information about files and directories on your system. Written with Haskell and the turtle hackage.

  • SaverLife

    Mobile application for SaverLife built to complement their existing web platform. Designed user interface and integrated state management.

  • Pic-To-LateX

    Resolves an image into a LaTeX formatted output for mathematical equations and proofs. Implemented image segmentation and OCR (Google Tesseract) with OpenCV.

  • Shorten

    A URL shortener accessible through a website or CLI. Supports easy-to-remember, randomly generated links or custom aliases.

  • L-Scout

    Time estimations for Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) or the 'L'. Native mobile app and progressive web app integrating with Mapbox and the CTA's APIs.

  • Credit Card Validator

    Utility to validate credit cards and determine an issuer using Luhn's checksum algorithm implemented in Haskell.