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Working on the web player team at Netflix.

I largely work with JavaScript and web technologies. I am a big fan of TypeScript, functional programming, and well-designed systems.

Outside work, I like reading, writing (although I always end up scrapping whatever I’m working on), American football, LEGO modeling, and model railroads.


Up until recently, I worked on all things design and frontend at ShapeCI, building a new workflow for 3D, hardware, and mixed reality.

Before that, I grew up a bit northwest of Boston, MA and have spent recent years of my life in Champaign, IL.

My ‘career’ started in visual design working with local organizations to design logos and brands. My focus shifted from print design to web design and eventually user interface design. I still enjoy visual work, but frontend engineering was a natural transition in bringing designs to life.

Academically, I am interested in neuroscience, linguistics, and formal logic. I was able to combine these while studying Brain & Cognitive Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I’ve done some research building models for language learning and social cognition at the Learning & Language Lab.

During school, I led teams building software for non-profits at Hack4Impact, founded Illinois Labs to build free software for students, built software for the UIUC startup community at Founders, and interned at Lyft, LinkedIn, CommandBar, and AbbVie.